Prayer Zone Partners
How can you pray for the students and the schools in your community?

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Students are in the most strategic position to reach their schools with the message of the gospel.

Pray for effective campus missionaries and clubs
Pray that everyone on campus will receive a clear presentation of the gospel.
Pray for the safety of students and staff
Pray for the community.

Students' lives are influenced by more than just their schools.

Pray that God would bless their homes with peace.
Pray for safety in the places students like to hang out.
Pray for the businesses that are in position to have a positive influence on students.
Pray for the church.

Students who make a decision to follow Christ must be incorporated into a healthy, Bible-believing church.

Pray that students will be loved and accepted by your church.
Pray that the adults in your church will become role models and spiritual mentors.
Pray for all the ministries in your church that deal with students (Sunday school, Youth ministries, etc.).

More ways to pray:


Develop a school of the week rotating prayer list. List one school a week in church announcements and distribute to prayer groups.
Pray for the School of the Week (from the church bulletin) at home.
Pray as you drive through a school zone.
Distribute Prayer Zone Partners brochures and stickers to increase awareness in your church.
Schedule a Sunday service to promote prayer for students, schools, and the community through the Prayer Zone Partners program.


Pray for your lunch everyday
Pray silently for the students sitting around you at the beginning of every class
Pray as you walk between classes (Prayer Walk)
Pray for your school during See You at the Pole every September
Kneel and pray for 30 seconds, every day, in the hallway or in front of your locker