Dear BQ coordinators,

Scripture portions and other materials are available from Gospel Publishing House. For the first time, the CD products are also available as downloads (for a fee). I am privileged to work on the materials, and I suggested that we offer them as downloads because many new computers do not include a CD/DVD drive (mine included). You will see that the price is slightly less when you purchase as a download. This will also save you from paying shipping and handling.

I am available to work with any of your teams who need help in getting started, learning to memorize, etc. Feel free to call me. My number is 417-860-4513. Please try to make those calls after 4:30 pm during the week. I try not to take calls regarding quiz during my work day.


God bless you as you get started on the new season. I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Dilla Dawson

2016-17 District Guidelines