2017 Camp Results - Praise God!

1837 students attended camp this year - up over 200 from last year!

37 students accepted Christ as their savior for the first time!

568 students rededicated their life to Christ!

130 students were baptized in the Holy Spirit for the first time!

114 students were called into vocational ministry!

314 students and leaders were healed at camp - it was amazing!

The Mission of Southern Missouri Youth Ministries


To equip and enhance youth ministry in the local church by providing relevant, life-changing events and programs for students, and quality training and networking of leaders.


Fine Arts Festival

Encouraging students to discover, develop, and deploy the ministry gifts He has placed IN them.

Youth Alive & Engage the Campus

Equipping students to have spiritual conversations with their friends and to see their school as a MISSION FIELD.


summer camps

Inspiring students to develop a relationship with God through worship, prayer, and discipleship.


Equipping missionaries by challenging students to GIVE & GO by faith, that ALL may come to Christ!